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RE: Running hot

I agree with all the other comments but thought I'd just touch on one thing
you're concerned about.  Oilheads can run very well and cool quite adeqately
on any oil provided it is the correct weight.  IMO you would need a
laboratory instrument to check if there was any difference in temperature.
But the use of certain oils seems to make the owners happy (not to mention
the retailers of such pricey oils) so I suppose that a good enough reason to
use it.

Although it's delightfully cool this morning (25C - 77F) the previous weak
was unbearably hot (~38C - ~100F,  RH 75%).  Both bikes ran absolutely
normally, only I was sweating like a pig under an open helmet with just
light cotton long sleeve shirt and trousers for sun protection.

To those reaching for your keyboards to criticise, please note that I have
never said a word to you when I read about all the protective clothing you
wear all the time.

A sweaty ;>)

Clive Liddell
South Africa


End of oilheads-digest V4 #3