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RE: Hall sensor

   Roadside change of a Hall sensor is VERY do-able. I intend on putting together a spare when I have some spare cash (on unemployment). On my R1100R, no fairings, it takes less then 1/2 hour to do a swap with minimal tools. The position can be guessed at, or you can go with full advance... just make sure you don't honk it at low RPM's or you'll get detonation.
  a) Rather then replace, improve. The wiring from the actual Hall Sensors to the plug is the problem with these sensors. The Hall sensor itself has wiring that holds up fine. There is a BMW guy by the name "Coon" that has the wiring you want. This is what I did.
  b) Buying a spare means you have a Hall sensor with the same POS wiring in it. See a.
"Dancoe, John" <jdan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
  a) replace the Hall sensor to prevent getting stuck in the middle of Kansas
b) buy a spare and carry it and my digital VOM with me (assumption: field
replacement is practical) or
c) whistle past the graveyard or
d) [insert your better idea here]

John D

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