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RE: RS rear wheel spacer

I'm not sure where to place the limits on what I should define as a used
tire, but if I borrow your "thousand mile" guideline, then all three of
my oilheads are shod with used tires, and I don't find anything unusual
about the handling of any of them. In my opinion, they all handle quite
well, actually. (The '99 R1100RT has BT020's, while the R1150GS and the
R1200C both wear Metzelers.)

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Please be certain you have NEW TIRES on BOTH front and rear before
any improvement.    If you have an alignment issue, even a thousand
miles on 
the tires can cause them to wear a little oddly and throw the results
Most oilheads handle pretty strangely with old tires on, especially 
Metzlers, for some reason.

Looks like good fun, though.   Enjoy!  Hope you get a breakthrough on
I think some of the early Oilheads may have had more servere alignment 
issues than the factory likes to admit.


>The '94 RS pulled a lot to the left, trying to over-turn in L.H. side 
After trying many remedies I placed an extra 2 mm thick spacer (there is
already as a factory original) between the rear drive and the wheel's
Testing with two spacers, a total of 4 mm of spacers, which centered the
rear wheel with the front wheel almost perfectly....