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RS rear wheel spacer


Please be certain you have NEW TIRES on BOTH front and rear before claiming any improvement. If you have an alignment issue, even a thousand miles on the tires can cause them to wear a little oddly and throw the results off. Most oilheads handle pretty strangely with old tires on, especially Metzlers, for some reason.

Looks like good fun, though. Enjoy! Hope you get a breakthrough on this. I think some of the early Oilheads may have had more servere alignment issues than the factory likes to admit.


The '94 RS pulled a lot to the left, trying to over-turn in L.H. side turns.
After trying many remedies I placed an extra 2 mm thick spacer (there is one
already as a factory original) between the rear drive and the wheel's hub.
Testing with two spacers, a total of 4 mm of spacers, which centered the
rear wheel with the front wheel almost perfectly....