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Re: RS rear wheel spacer

Only the first sentence was written by me.
The rest came from Allen Poole, to be exact.
To know which way your RS pulls just ride on the middle of the road without
holding onto the bar. If you have to move on the saddle to keep the bike
straight, the pull is towards the opposite side of your shifting on the
Bob Silas

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From: Ian Ellison
To: Allen Poole ; oilheads@xxxxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 5:40 AM
Subject: RE: RS rear wheel spacer

> On Feb 4, 2007, at 9:33 AM, Robert Silas wrote:
> > The '94 RS pulled a lot to the left, trying to over-turn in L.H.
> > side turns.
> Funny: my '94 RS pulls to the left too, but just a bit. I always
> assumed it was by design, to compensate for crowned paving (here in
> the US). Maybe next time I replace a tire, I'll try a second spacer.

Havcing been the proud owner of an RS for  a whole 6 days (and about 300
miles) I haven't noticed any pulling - being in the UK the camber would tend
to pull you left anyway but it seems neutral. Looking at the chicken strips
it's not quite even - I'm pretty much to the edge of the tyre on the left
but have maybe a quarter inch on the right. This may well be to do with my
cornering technique more than the setup of the bike however - I think I'm
normally further over to the left as my head is away from oncoming traffic.


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