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Re: Quick disconnects

Johnny wrote:

My mechanic said that the weak link of any quick disconnect system is the
O-ring due to cuts and pinching that occur from time to time during use. He
suggested I use the BMW ones instead of aftermarket ones.

The weak link in the BMW QD system is the plastic disconnect itself. Ask around and you'll quickly find someone who's been stranded due to the failure of the unit, not the O-ring.

His main point was that the supply of replacement O-rings for OEM quick
disconnects is as only as far away as the BMW parts counter. It makes sense
if the O-rings are really that delicate and pricey.

He's either stupid or trying to scare you. O rings (as long as they are fuel-compatible) are O-rings, and are as common as grass. They are prone to aging, and damage due to use, but on well-designed connectors, you're talking a couple years of service anyway.

I am going to put some on and would like your opinions before I buy some. I
do not intend to remove the tank more than a few times each season but like
the convenience that quick disconnects offer.

I'm doing the same thing as soon as I get a day warm enough to have the garage open. You'll spill some fuel doing the install. I just got my brass QDs in from Omega. Very nice units, with easily serviceable O-Rings. Much more substantial than the BMW plastic ones, and since the attachment tubes are barbed, they don't require clamps.

Clive Liddell wrote:

Not sure why you would be R&R'ing you tank so often - It's only really for the fuel filter that you would need to take it right off and I only start thinking about the filter any time after 50000km. And on my RT I have moved the filter out of the tank to avoid this fiddling task. I'm fairly sure you can get the battery out (if it is a wet cell needing service) by just slightly lifting the rear of the tank.

Just another point of view for you to ponder   ie. Why go for QD's anyway?

I wanted to do it for access to the fuel filter, the battery (it's close with it lifted up, especially if you try to prop the back up), and to ease access for wiring from the battery forward for auxiliary lighting and electronics (GPS, etc). Long term, the battery and fuel filter are the big plusses. YMMV.

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