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Re: Fwd: oilheads-digest V4 #2

At 09:24 PM 2/5/2007 -0500, R1200CA motorcycle wrote:

Hello everyone and thanks for your support. Mick, thanks for asking me to
ask it again.
Here's my question put another way and with a mostly original sigfile :^)

Subject: Quick disconnects

My mechanic said that the weak link of any quick disconnect system is the
O-ring due to cuts and pinching that occur from time to time during use. He
suggested I use the BMW ones instead of aftermarket ones.

His main point was that the supply of replacement O-rings for OEM quick
disconnects is as only as far away as the BMW parts counter. It makes sense
if the O-rings are really that delicate and pricey.

I am going to put some on and would like your opinions before I buy some. I
do not intend to remove the tank more than a few times each season but like
the convenience that quick disconnects offer.

Thanks for reading,

 Here are the quick disconnects I used.....
http://www.mcmaster.com/      http://tinyurl.com/cfb39
Qty | Part Number/Description | Unit Price |Extended Price |Shipping Info
2 EA 5012K672 - Acetal Quick- $6.72 EA $13.44 Disconnect Tube Coupling
Socket For 5/16" Tube ID, 1/4" Coupler, Shut-Off Valve

2 EA 5012K712 - Acetal Quick- $6.61 EA $13.22 Disconnect Tube Coupling Plug
For 5/16" Tube ID, 1/4" Coupler, Shut-Off Merchandise Total: $26.66

   I carry some spare O-Rings just in case. I've installed these on my
K-Bike and my '96 R1100RT. Carry some spare O-Rings for sure.


More data from Bill:

When you order your quick disconnects, you should consider ordering a
supply of Viton O-rings. They are much more resistant to gasoline
than the Buna O-rings that are usually supplied with the fittings.

Check at McMaster-Carr.  http://www.mcmaster.com/  Their pricing is
good and their online ordering process worked well. They stock the
plastic (acetal) quick disconnects made by Colder that are OEM on BMW
GS ADV models. They also stock Plated brass fittings. See pages 174
through 176 in the online catalog.

Order the fittings with shut offs on both the male and female
portion. Order the 5/16" tube size in a 1/4" connector for your Oilhead.

I bought the plastic ones. The McMaster Carr Part numbers are 5012
K672  ($6.90 each) and 5012 K712 ($6.78 each) for the disconnects and
9464 K16 for 100 Viton O-rings ($7.54 per hundred). Pass the extra o- rings out to your buddies.

Plated brass fittings are available at about double the cost for
Acetal. The available 1/4' couplings are  for 1/4" or 3/8" i.d. tube
sizes, so you may have to adapt or stretch to make these work. A
little silicone grease is very helpful both in the installation of
the couplers and when operating the couplers to re-install the tank.

My total cost was $39.15 including shipping as of July '06.

No relationship with McMaster-Carr etc.

Bill Slodysko
Bellingham, WA
'79 R100RS
'02 R1150GS
ABC #6872
MOA #111453