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RE: Roadside timing

Tom Cutter wrote:

[snip] rotate the timing plate counterclockwise until you hear the fuel pump
hum. [snip]

Haha! Now if only my fuel pump worked!

My carbs are gravity fed; so my fuel pump is bypassed and disabled using a
modified (i.e., open) fuse (which is painted red, and has a warning sticker on

I didn't just disconnect the tank wiring harness, 'cause it's got the fuel
level sensor too (which is REALLY important now...). But I suppose for this
purpose I could unplug it and stick my VOM probes in the fuel pump circuit,
then put in a valid fuse, and read the VOM to use Tom's procedure. That'll
work, thanx Tom.

Incidentally is there any reason a standard timing strobe won't work on these
bikes? I used one back during my troubleshooting (that turned out to be the
UGDFWBing throttle bodies) and got some hard-to-fathom results which I related
on the list. I can dig it up and re-post if if you're interested; nobody
seemed to have any ideas at the time.

BTW, about a year ago I promised the list the whole sordid saga of my carb
conversion; sorry I haven't delivered it yet. I can say the carbs have been
working fine and I had a great time riding this past season--I rode daily, but
unfortunately never anywhere but work. I'd have been riding all through
December if my tires weren't wasted...

I did have a fun experience one afternoon coming back to the office from a
customer site. Came across a lad on a decommissioned KZ1300 police special
stranded on the side of the highway. He had a broken throttle cable, no tools,
and no clue. But the bike had a second cable to close the slides so the
throttle springs don't have to be ridiculously strong. I was able to
cannibalize the second cable and get him running again.

He never did buy me the steak dinner he promised ;)

John Dancoe
Plexus Systems
248.249.1545 cell
248.393.2571 fax


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