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Re: Fwd: oilheads-digest V4 #2

At 09:24 PM 2/5/2007 -0500, R1200CA motorcycle wrote:

Hello everyone and thanks for your support. Mick, thanks for asking me to
ask it again.
Here's my question put another way and with a mostly original sigfile :^)

Subject: Quick disconnects

My mechanic said that the weak link of any quick disconnect system is the
O-ring due to cuts and pinching that occur from time to time during use. He
suggested I use the BMW ones instead of aftermarket ones.

His main point was that the supply of replacement O-rings for OEM quick
disconnects is as only as far away as the BMW parts counter. It makes sense
if the O-rings are really that delicate and pricey.

I am going to put some on and would like your opinions before I buy some. I
do not intend to remove the tank more than a few times each season but like
the convenience that quick disconnects offer.

Thanks for reading,

 Here are the quick disconnects I used.....
http://www.mcmaster.com/       http://tinyurl.com/cfb39
Qty | Part Number/Description | Unit Price |Extended Price |Shipping Info
2 EA 5012K672 - Acetal Quick- $6.72 EA $13.44 Disconnect Tube Coupling
Socket For 5/16" Tube ID, 1/4" Coupler, Shut-Off Valve

2 EA 5012K712 - Acetal Quick- $6.61 EA $13.22 Disconnect Tube Coupling Plug
For 5/16" Tube ID, 1/4" Coupler, Shut-Off Merchandise Total: $26.66

   I carry some spare O-Rings just in case. I've installed these on my
K-Bike and my '96 R1100RT.