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System pannier disassembly - help!

Hi all,

I have a set of second hand System panniers which I bought from ebay to put
on my RS. The left hand bag is a GS type but I also got an RS/RT type back.
It has no locking mechanism in it so I need to transfer the locking
mechanism from the GS pannier back to the RS pannier back.

I have drilled out all the rivets and started to ease the mechanism out.
However the locking catches protruding into the case are preventing the
mechanism from coming out completely. Looking at it I guess I need to drive
out the pivot pins for the hooks on the catch then remove the hooks - then I
might be able to withdraw the mechanism. Before I go any further I wanted to
ask people who might have a clue. :-)

Can anyone confirm the correct technique for disassembling a System pannier
and getting the locking mechanism off?


R1100S project