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Re: Quick disconnects ...

Do not use a fuse slot. It has to be a direct connection for boosting and for giving a boost in case. I'll try to find my photos on that connection and e-mail it to you.
Bob Silas
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  Thanks Bob, for the fuse box tip. I've a few spare slots.

  Don, thanks for the info in your post where you mention 
  that the body on the OEM plastic ones tended to to fail 
  more often than not. I'll look into non-plastic QD's only. 

  And I'll look into mounting the fuel filter outside the tank, too.
  I've got 10k on the new tank so I'll leave that for a sumertime task.

  Cheers everyone,
  Johnny Mroz

  On 2/7/07, Robert Silas <robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    Once you do all that additions to your bike, I suggest two more:
    Place the fuel filter outside the tank and
    Make a direct connection to the positive side of the battery (I located mine
    in the fuse box). 
    Bob Silas

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