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OT: Spyder BRP (3-wheeled motorcycle)

Hello everyone,

Just an FYI, that the 3-wheeled Spyder BRP web site is open. Styling looks good (except head on).

At a Glance:

Liquid cooled 998 cc v-twin engine, 106 hp, 77 lb-ft
5-speed manual or automatic transmission, + reverse
Antilock Brakes (ABS), Traction control, electronic brake-force distribution
Fuel: 7.13 US Gal (27 liters), 87 octane unleaded
Dry weight : 697 lbs
Front storage capacity: 2,685 cubic in (44 liters) - 30 lbs max
Max load: 440 lbs
MSRP: US$15,000 (CAD$18,500)

Looks like a viable, and affordable toy!

-Steve Makohin
'01 R1100S/ABS
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

PS: In the words of one friend of mine, it's nice to see Canadians making a product for a virtually non-existent market :-)