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Re: tank removing

>Is a battery difficult to replace?
>  If not, how do I set about removing the tank?  I see an allen-bolt on right side of bike, possibly 4 inches down....

Jack gave excellent advide on that aspect, especially on retraining
the computer and the throttle cables getting dislodged.  I remove the
bolts and prop the tank up with a piece of wood and slide the battery

>  With a new (to me) BMW, looking forward to the riding season.
>  What manual do y'all recommend?
>  Thanks in advance

Haynes and Clymer are the 2 major ones.  I like Haynes, others like
Clymer.  Some buy both.  

If you have an R1100S, there is a factory CD floating around the web
somewhere.  I think I know where one can be had ;-)
Wayne Woodruff