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34K, chain tensioner still noisy

The chain tensioning components of the oil pressure chain tensioning (2002 R1150RT) system are getting louder. It's not just at startup but lasts the entire ride (50-600 mi) and changes volume as a function of no correlatible variable that I can see. Is there an age or symptom which would signal that it's time to replace a component? Moreover, I wonder how much of the rattling and noise might be elsewhere in the overall valve lift system, e.g. push rods. I check the valve clearances frequently and keep them at 0.006" and 0.013" intake/exhaust. The local BMW wrenches say the engine racket is normal, but they also agree that my bike is more clattery than their other clients' bikes. On most occasions those wrenches are less than clever. Any ideas?
Andy in Seabrook