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chain tensioner?

On Mar 5, 2007, at 10:04 PM, Andren Appelquest wrote:

The chain tensioning components of the oil pressure chain tensioning (2002 R1150RT) system are getting louder. It's not just at startup but lasts the entire ride (50-600 mi) and changes volume as a function of no correlatible variable that I can see.

I always assumed that a noise coming from my '94 R1100 engine was a rod bearing starting to go. It's a deep clunk sound, in synch with engine rpm, loudest at startup (for a few revs before the oil pump makes pressure) and when oil is thin (hot days, older oil)... almost imperceptable when the engine is under load with cold/new oil. Sounds a lot like the rod bearing that failed on my 1976 90S, except that it's barely gotten any worse in the 20,000 miles I've ridden this bike. The owner before me lugged the engine, so I guessed rod bearing long ago and just started monitoring the sound. I'm surprised at how little it's changed over the miles.

Reading Andren's question, now, I wonder if my clunking could be a "normal" sound from a chain tensioning mechanism. I guess it sounds _a little_ like some noisy chains I've known over the years (Honda small 4s, 16v Saab)

Can anyone with more oilhead experience help me know how to discern the cause of my clunk?


L. Allen Poole
R100GS (sport tractor)
R1100RS (transport appliance deluxe)