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RT - thermostat

I doubt that there is anything wrong with your thermostat.  With the ambient
temperatures I have been hearing in US there will probably be most RT's
running with cold thermostats since there is sufficient cooling just off the
cylinder fins as well as the sunp fins.

The same often happens in "normal" temperatures when you run into heavy rain
when the oil temp will drop to around 4 bars. Under these conditions the
thermostat is also definitely closed.  The oil needs to get to around 105C
before it starts opening.

I'd suggest further checks before "tearing into" your bike - I have not yet
heard of a faulty thermostat...

Clive Liddell
South Africa

On the subject of my overheating R1150RT, the problem finally turned out
to be a faulty thermostat. After 30 minutes of riding we put an IR scope
on the engine parts and the oil cooler came up cold! Cold, as in cold to
the touch, while the rest of the oil system before the thermostat was
very hot. The replaced Hall sensor was always in the correct location. I
feel somewhat sheepish as it seems a natural thing to check the oil
cooler radiator, but now we know!