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Front Shock


Everyone is right...you need a new front shock. Since you have Ohlins on the back, I'd recommend another Ohlins.

HOWEVER: To put the sort of miles on tires like that, you have to do a lot of straight-line touring miles. That means the tire profile has changed...10,000 miles? That is what's causing your turn-in issues, not the shock. I've said it many times, but I'll say it again, the Metzler radials I've used seem much more sensitive to this profile change than Bridgestone tires do. They need to be muscled into curves and really hold a straight line when they get "corners" in the tire profile from the centers being worn flat. All tires do this, but Bridgestones seem to do it the least. They are still pretty fun to ride on in the last miles compared to all other brands I've tried, but especially Metzler Z4 and Z6.

By the way, I love Metz Z6s in the twisties. Best tire out there...just change them at 6K or put up with some strange handling issues like you describe.