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Re: Front shock issues or tire issue, or somethinge else? (Problemed solved)

Thanks everyone for explaining in nice easy terms that my shock is dead, shoot, junk, and should be replaced:)
  I've talked to Ted about it already and we are going to talk again later to schedule it's replacement.
  On the tire I'm hoping to get another thousand or two out of it. I've got a 3,000 mile honeymoon coming up at the end of May and would like to replace my tire shortly before that. 
  I'll do the shock first and get that set up and then I'll look into the tire.
  Thanks again everyone.

Marco S Hyman <marc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Hi Gregory,

Where's my twinmax :-)

> Okay I'm thinking my front shock is dead but I could be very wrong
> Bike is a 2002 R1150R with 54K miles on it.

Your front shock is dead :-)

Seriously, how is the new shock set as to ride height? If the ride
height changed relatave to the stock shock then your steering geometry
has changed. That can have a big impact, as can worn tires.

But I think your front shock is gone and the addition of a good rear
shock just makes you notice it more than you did in the past.

// marc

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