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R1100RS brake master cylinder leak - help!

I was planning on taking a trip today on my '95 R1100RS. I noticed a couple
of drops of fluid on the bodywork under the brake m/cyl. It hasn't damaged
the paint but I think it is brake fluid. I removed the cover and there was a
small pool on there. It looks like it is coming from under the boot where
the plunger goes into the back of the piston. The screw to adjust the
plunger was rusty and crudded up. I removed it, cleaned it, and put it back
into the same depth. Incidentally the front brake switch isn't working
either. Could it be water ingress? Fluid dripping looks too viscous.

Is this a common problem? Is it a precursor to imminent failure? The
reservoir is still pretty full and fluid looks clean. Would I be taking a
great risk by using the bike? My thoughts are that it might fail any minute.

Your quick thoughts would be appreciated - I am planning to go in about 3
hours, and may have to fall back to my Ducati ST2 though I had promised that
to a friend so it's a bit awkward.

Thanks in advance!