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Wiring Diagram needed for blown fuse / electrical problem

Does anyone have a copy of a wiring diagram for a 2002 R1150R?  I need the
diagram that includes the #1 fuse 4 amp Fuse circuit which includes the
instrument cluster, indicator damping and brake light.
I keep blowing that fuse.  I was happening a month or so ago and I thought I
had fixed it when I found that the rear brake light switch was stuck keeping
the brake light on all the time, but it started happening again and it doesn't
appear that this is the problem.
The only other reasons I can think that is causing it would be that I had
installed handlebar risers years ago and that they might have been putting
tension on some of the wiring and finally one of the wires has shorted out. Or
that a few months ago during high winds my bike fell over when it was parked
and possibly some battery acid spilled out on the wiring harness that may run
under the tank.  Unfortunately I don't have a garage, I keep my bike in our
apartment complex's outside parking lot so it isn't easy for me to work on
If I can't get it resolved myself and have to take it to the dealer does
anyone know if Morton's in Spotsylvania, Va have a tech who is really good at
electrical systems?  I dread taking it to the dealer to have them locate the
problem and end up paying an arm and a leg and they just end up replacing
everything they can think of that might be causing the problem.
Also, besides not having a brake light, does anyone know if it would harm the
bike to ride it without this fuse installed?  When the fuse blows and I slow
down and put on the brakes the low battery light on the dash lights up but
goes off when I speed up and release the brake lever, so I don't want to be
running down the battery.
I appreciate any help anyone can give me.

Steve Berto
2002 R1150R
Annandale, Va