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Out of the Closet



Nice to see that you've come to realize that R80s are less fun than
Oilheads.  Welcome to the list.  


FYI: The non-twin-spark 1150s, at least quite a few of them, were probably
the worst surgers ever.  If you find you can't tame it or don't like the
side effects of your fix, people have been very happy with retro
twin-sparking from San Jose BMW and probably others (Bob's?).   You send the
heads in, they drill them for you and supply you with a kit with all the BMW
wiring and goodies you need to add the second spark.  Because the retro
twin-spark's Motronics units aren't maximized for emissions like the stock
twin-spark's, you get a couple extra ponies out of them, a little extra
mileage and great rideability.   Cost is about $500 and a few hours work.  I
like this solution because instead of making the mix richer and/or tricking
the 02 sensor to solve the problem, it burns the fuel more completely to
begin with.


>So far only two complaints, those silly left and right turn signal


Your 1150 has the new style switches.  Huge improvement over the 1100
switches, which were in the same positions, but just more difficult to work.
I used to get a sore on top edge of my right thumbnail from canceling the
turn signals.   I have another bike with conventional Japanese/Italian
configuration and I prefer BMW's setup after using both for a long time.
Just takes a little getting used to.   


>and the terrible low speed handling when the bike feels like its falling


I'd look into some new tires.  Lots of freeway miles on these bikes,
especially in hot weather, will square off the tire contours.  That's the
usual cause of weird low speed handling.  These bikes are rough on tires.
RTs worse than RSs but they're all murder on them.   If you use them more
than 6K miles and you don't live in the twisties where you're riding on the
outsides a lot, you're probably putting up with misshapen profiles and
strange low and sometimes high speed behavior.   I've found that Bridgestone
020 seems to have the best behavior after accumulated miles.  Their tire
construction seems more tolerant of the squared off thing.  What I don't
like about them is the front tread, which makes noises after 1K or so.   The
new Bridgestone 021s look to have a much better tread pattern on the front.
I'm hopeful about that and that will be my next tire choice.  


For out and out fun in twisties, Metzler Z6s are the best tire you can put
on your bike, but their tread wear indicator is cords showing through the
center of the back tire and they really don't like being squared off from
highway miles.    


Have fun!



'991100RT, then 2nd bike '99 Ducati ST4, then '00 Aprilia Mille R, then sold
Duc, then traded 1100RT for 03 R1150RT twin spark, then sold that and bought
05 R1200RT.  Still have Aprilia and will probably keep it a long time.  BTW,
the Aprilia/Rotax liter bike engine is also a 4-spark-plug twin.