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Grip question

I'm in the North Georgia mountains enjoying absolutely perfect weather. Riding back from dinner Thursday night, my '95 R1100RSL seemed be be losing power. No mis-firing or anything else, just seemed to be down on power. 

Friday morning, I figured out why. The grip was spinning on the throttle tube. If I wasn't gripping hard enough, the tube would turn under the grip and close the throttle for me. Might be a good way to avoid tickets, but really annoying. I peeled the grip back, applied some superglue, and continued the day's ride. 

I've never had to deal with heated grips before. What will I have to do to make a permanent repair? Are the heating elements glued to the throttle tube, and the grip applied over the combo?

Thanks for any help. 

By the way, yesterday's ride took us to Deal's Gap, where there seemed to be about 500 bikes at the gas station. I have avoided Deals on the weekends the last few years, looks like everyone else has figured that out, too. No problems riding the Dragon, but the whole time I was thinking about the chances of meeting someone in my lane. 

In addition to all the bikes, we met a Porsche club, a Miata club, what appeared to be a 350Z club, and tons of other folks out enjoying the weekend. The car guys were apparently riding a similar loop in the opposite direction as we saw them at least a couple of times. A few of them were a bit squirrelly entering turns, but they mostly stayed on their side of the road. 

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