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Re: Grip question

On 5/19/07, Patrick Coleman <pdcolema@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm in the North Georgia mountains enjoying absolutely perfect weather. Riding back from dinner Thursday night, my '95 R1100RSL seemed be be losing power. No mis-firing or anything else, just seemed to be down on power.

Friday morning, I figured out why. The grip was spinning on the throttle tube. If I wasn't gripping hard enough, the tube would turn under the grip and close the throttle for me. Might be a good way to avoid tickets, but really annoying. I peeled the grip back, applied some superglue, and continued the day's ride.

I've never had to deal with heated grips before. What will I have to do to make a permanent repair? Are the heating elements glued to the throttle tube, and the grip applied over the combo?

If the superglue works, then I'd call it "permanent". If you like, you
can remove the grip and spray the inside of it with hair spray or
clear lacquer (watch out for drips when doing this) and then quickly
slide it back on. When either dries, the grip will be well stuck.