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Re: What to look for - R1100RS

On 5/18/07, Eric Stoelting <ericjs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm about to look at a '94 R1100RSL with the possibility of buying - any
thoughts on what to look out for? Or maybe there's aready been a million
posts on this subject - would you point me to them? Thanks.


The only expensive problem I've had with my '96 R1100GS was the
transmission.  I think the RS and GS use the same transmission.  The
first symptom I had was a hiccup while pulling hard in a couple of
gears (3rd and 5th I think).  That was very infrequently, not every
hundred miles.

The second symptom is one you could check easily by changing the
transmission oil (or paying a mechanic to do so).  Check the magnetic
drain plug for metal shavings.  That's the give-away.  Fine gray
spooge is ok, but anything big enough to feel is bad news.

If metal is found that ought to be worth between $1000 and $2000
(depending on whether you do any of the work yourself).  Before laying
down money for an R1100 I'd surely do that, or get documentation that
the dealer or a trustworthy mechanic changed the gearbox oil and saw
that the magnetic plug was fine.

Of course, good maintenance documentation is helpful.

Good luck,

-Greg Guithues.
96 R1100GS
Dayton, OH