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Re: Changing to SST lines.

<<I am going to change to SST lines on my R1100rt and was wondering if there were any tricks or tips you have. >>


All SS lines are NOT created equal. Many are uncoated, which means you will slowly die the death of a thusand cuts rom handling the hoses, which have fine sttel "hairs" protruding waiting to shred your skin.

Other lines make no provision to adjust the fitting angles, which means you cna end up wit torqued or twisted lines.

Luckily,one company makes the best lines. Even luckier, I sell them...Spiegler Performance Parts Bakeline kits. See the BRAKE KITS button on my websie for lots fo color opions. All kits ae made to order, on the day that you order, so if you have a special requirement, like different calipers, higher bars, etc., that is no problem at all. I can get teh kits in three working days.

Contact me offlist for pricing/ordering info.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA
from AOL at AOL.com.