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RE: New to BMW and have a few questions please.


Just to welcome you to this List.  Its one of the quieter ones but there's a
lot of good information to be had here.

I have a 2001 RT and I also initially found it a bit noisy in 3rd and 4th.
When it is "run in" it will quieten, mine now runs quietly in 4th but (less
used) 3rd is still a little noisy.  I have close to 75000km on that bike
(and over 80000 on my R850R) with not a hint of any trouble.   It is thought
that the fairing of the RT sort of directs the gear noise round the engine
and up to the rider.  Earplugs help a lot...

A couple of things, check that your clutch free play is about 6mm where the
cable attaches to the handle and *don't* change in a leisurely way.  You
will have much smoother and quieter changes by quickly pulling in the clutch
and similtaniously smartly change to the next gear.  If you are changing
down then also similtaniously "equalise" the engine upwards to the speed for
the new gear.

Did I mention that changing also gets "better" or "smoother" as everything
beds in, as does the engine itself by the way ;>)

Clive Liddell
South Africa
Hi everyone,
                   i am an exprienced motorcyclist but have never had a BMW
before until yesterday.

I have bought a very nice 1999 R1100RT with 23000 miles on the clock and
although i have only ridden a few miles so far i have a few questions that
someone may be able to help with.

The gearbox.

This is far clunkier than any Japanese bike that i have ever owned and i
would best describe its action as rough and clumsy . There is also an
audible but not overly loud whine from some of the gears.
It does not jump out of any gear and appears to work okay but like i say
it's clumsy.

I have read that this may well be a "characteristic" of this bike and all is
probably well. I have also read that some, dependent on year,  have been
prone to premature failure . All i am after is a pointer as to whether i am
likely to have anything to worry about or if everything sounds pretty much
as it should to an experienced BMW owner.

Lastly is there a different technique to adopt when changing gear with these
bikes to help smooth things out. It really does not like being rushed at all
through to the next gear even though i am only changing at the speed that i
have always done on my previous bikes.

Anything other advise  that anyone on the list can offer this newbie will be
much appreciated.

Thanks Darryl