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Re: New to BMW and have a few questions please.


From: "Tom Cutter" <tpcutter@xxxxxxx>

The issue of "clunkiness" can be very subjective. If your clutch is properly adjusted, then you should be able to shift pretty quietly with some practice.

My experience is somewhat different. I find that I get a very noisy "clunk" from BMW Oilheads when I am at a stop and I shift into first. Similarly if I am coasting in neutral, and then I shift into 1st or 2nd gear. The newest generation of Oilheads, the Hexheads, have transmissions that are on par with Asian's, in my experience -- They engage from neutral surely and quietly, and the shifter lever feel is smooth with a short throw.

-Steve Makohin
'01 R1100S/ABS
Oakville, Ontario, Canada