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2004 RT1150 Oil Consumption

I have a 2004 R1150RT that has consumed oil since I
bought it new. I have 22000 miles on it now. It was
using 1-1/2 to 2 quarts of oil in 3,000 miles. The
dealer did a ring job on it last winter (under
warranty). During the break in (after the ring job)
1st 1000 miles it went through 1 qt of break in oil.
The dealer changed the oil and re torqued the heads.
After the next 500 miles - no oil usage, at 1000 miles
the oil was down 1/8 th of the sight glass -- at 1200
miles the oil was down 1/2 of the site glass. I'm
guessing the oil will be down to the bottom of the
sight glass by 1500 miles. After that I'll be adding
lots of oil until the next oil change at 3000 miles.

I always check the oil after a 20 mile trip, put it on
the side stand for 10 minutes then on the center stand
for 10 minutes in the same level location in my

I originally broke it in by the book. After the rings,
I was told to ride it hard and I did. I accelerated
and decelerated to / from high RPMs throughout all
gears (except 6th). Luckily I didn't get a speeding

It seems as I put more miles on after an oil change,
more oil is used.

Any ideas on what is happening? Is it still the rings
or is there other reasons for oil consumption.

I could just change the oil at 1500 miles, but that
seems excessive.

Is there any oil that breaks down slower than the BMW

I usually have the dealer change the oil.If I change
it myself, what torque should I tighten the drain plug
to so not to strip it?

How do I ensure all the oil is out of the oil cooler?

Should I drain the oil out of the filter or isn't much
in it?

Any suggestions or comments would be helpful. I've
never had a vehicle that consumed oil like this and
I'm getting discouraged. 



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