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Re: 2004 RT1150 Oil Consumption

On 7/28/07, Alan Schlageter <aschlage@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ... It was
> using 1-1/2 to 2 quarts of oil in 3,000 miles.

I thought the spec on oilheads was up to 0.75 qts per 1,000 miles was
> After the next 500 miles - no oil usage, at 1000 miles
> the oil was down 1/8 th of the sight glass -- at 1200
> miles the oil was down 1/2 of the site glass.

That certainly looks like you are overfilling it.  The oil should be
no higher than the center of the sightglass when hot.  From the top to
the bottom of the sightglass is about 250 cc.

If I overfill mine (04 R1100S) it will get rid of the extra oil -- it
ends up in the airbox and is burned off when it is sucked into the
engine. Take a look in your airbox or just open the drain -- if oil
comes out you are overfilling it.
> Any ideas on what is happening? Is it still the rings
> or is there other reasons for oil consumption.

If I ride on the slab mine will use no oil.  If I ride the twisties I
do use oil. No big deal.

> Is there any oil that breaks down slower than the BMW
> 20-50?

Don't know, just follow the spec.

> I usually have the dealer change the oil.If I change
> it myself, what torque should I tighten the drain plug
> to so not to strip it?

I just use a very short handled wrench and stop when I feel the crush
washer crush, or, if I reuse the washer I just stop when it feels

> How do I ensure all the oil is out of the oil cooler?

Follow the procedure you have been using for checking the oil.
Usually that's enough.  Every now and then it doesn't all come down
but the excess will get sucked into the airbox and will burn off.

> Should I drain the oil out of the filter or isn't much
> in it?

If you change the oil, change the filter. I usually fill the filter
before I screw it back on.

> Any suggestions or comments would be helpful. I've
> never had a vehicle that consumed oil like this and
> I'm getting discouraged.

Don't be discouraged -- it is in the nature of air/oil cooled engines
to use more oil than watercooled engines.

cheers... jack