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oil consumtion

I've found that oil consumption on my '99 R11S with
~35K miles is relative to the number of times I start
the engine, not the miles I ride. When riding my daily
commute 13 miles each way I start the engine 20+ times
per tank of gas. I use a lot of oil. I'm guessing that
having only a sidestand that allows oil to come to
rest in the left cylinder accounts for this.

Riding cross country I start the engine ~once per tank
usually and I've gone 7000 miles and not had to top
off the oil.

My '02 R1150R, 32K miles now, with a sidecar uses very
little oil in any situation as it's always level. I've
gone ~ 7000 miles since the last change and used 250cc
of oil.

I use Castrol 20-50 - whatever they call their
motorcycle blend.

'99 R1100S
'02 R1150R
'86 K75
(and 2 Triumphs)

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