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Re: low voltage and ABS

At 11:56 AM 8/13/2007, Mark Rivera wrote:
I was wondering about the low voltage & ABS issue..

Isn't there somewhere we can place a capacitor to provide a buffer for the ABS needs at start time?

Is it the ABS microprocessor that's choking, or the ABS machinery (i.e., that which modulates the brakes)?


You can look at the circuit here: http://ibmwr.org/r-tech/oilheads/ABS-II_low_voltage_modification/index.shtml
The low voltage during self-test in the control unit is what causes the fault.
Applying power AFTER the engine is started is the key to a successful ABS
initialization. There are a couple of ways to do this. The relay method described
above and/or using the load shed relay to supply the test 12V after cranking.
It would require a very large cap to be able to supply 12V during cranking. :))