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Re: low voltage and ABS

Hello Mark,

From: "Mark Rivera" <marr@xxxxxxxx>

I was wondering about the low voltage & ABS issue..

Isn't there somewhere we can place a capacitor to provide a buffer for the ABS needs at start time?

Is it the ABS microprocessor that's choking, or the ABS machinery (i.e., that which modulates the brakes)?

It's the ABS computer. The problem shows up either as a result of an improper starting sequence, or a battery that needs fixing or replacing. It's easy to address the "bad starting sequence" problem by doing the following:

1 Ensure bike is in neutral, with brakes off and on level ground so it
 does not roll.

2 Kill switch to ON position

3 Ignition switch to RUN position

4 Wait 5 seconds (actually, about 3 is all you need, but wait 5, just
 to be safe). This gives the ABS computer time enough to boot up.

5 Engage starter button

If your ABS faults out at this point, the battery needs some care or replacement.

I don't know electronics well enough to tell you if putting in a big enough capacitor would circumvent these symptoms, but I ask: Why bother? Is the purpose of the capacitor to allow the rider to hit the start button a few seconds sooner, or to mask the presence of a potentially troublesome battery?

-Steve Makohin
'01 R1100S/ABS
Oakville, Ontario, Canada