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Re: low voltage and ABS

>1 Ensure bike is in neutral, with brakes off and on level ground so it
>  does not roll.
>2 Kill switch to ON position
>3 Ignition switch to RUN position
>4 Wait 5 seconds (actually, about 3 is all you need, but wait 5, just
>  to be safe). This gives the ABS computer time enough to boot up.
>5 Engage starter button
>If your ABS faults out at this point, the battery needs some care or 

good procedure, thanks!  I'm going to save this.  

I have a 2004 R1100S with EVO.  I hit thet starter pretty quickly
after turning on the key and I haven't had a fault ... yet.  When it
does, I know how to 'work around' it.  :-)

Wayne Woodruff