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Re: low voltage and ABS

I was wondering about the low voltage & ABS issue..

It's the ABS computer. The problem shows up either as a result of an improper starting sequence, or a battery that needs fixing or replacing.

Is the purpose of the capacitor to allow the rider to hit the start button a few seconds sooner, or to mask the presence of a potentially troublesome battery?

I was thinking that the ABS microprocessor is 'browning out' due to low voltage/current as the starter and motor draw most of the power for the ignition process. So, the purpose of the capacitor would be to provide the extra juice needed to avoid the brown-out.

The question becomes: Is the ABS problem caused by the microprocessor not getting enough electricity (in which case a capacitor would be a simple solution), or is the microprocessor just fine, and the warning lights are caused by the *detection* of a low voltage?

Have to have a look at that schematic Mick posted. (Thanks!)

Good point about the masking of symptoms, re the battery.