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RE: low voltage and ABS

Most likely, neither is "choking". The alternating flashing of the ABS
warning lights is a fault code warning of low starting voltage in the
battery. If you ever get one of these, start the bike; let it run at a high
idle for a minute or two or three; shut the bike off; count to two or three,
then restart the bike. Voila! No fault. That short period of running charged
the battery enough to correct the voltage deficiency. Too many riders
attempt to save a few dollars and make the mistake of buying a replacement
battery which does not produce the proper starting voltage and/or amperage.
That is a real false economy. Buy a BMW battery or one recommended and sold
by a BMW dealer who stands behind it. I have been doing just that for 36
years of BMW ownership and have never been let down. My batteries typically
last 5-6 years. I find that perfectly satisfactory.

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I was wondering about the low voltage & ABS issue..

Isn't there somewhere we can place a capacitor to provide a buffer for 
the ABS needs at start time?

Is it the ABS microprocessor that's choking, or the ABS machinery (i.e., 
that which modulates the brakes)?