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Re: R1100RT Motronic Ghosts

At 09:13 AM 8/13/2007, Matt Warren wrote:
Hello all,

The bike ran fine for 1 week. 50 miles/day commuting for 5 days.

I came down one Friday morning, inserted key, got dash lights. When the
starter switch was closed, the bike seemed to suffer massive electrical
load. The dash lights dimmed and flickered, the starter solenoid clacked,
the engine did not turn over. Releasing the button did not clear this
condition immediately but a second later it seemed OK.

Repeated attempts to start got the same thing. Eventually the load was
engaged and never ceased. Now, if the key is turned on, the battery voltage
drops to 2 volts.

I found that either the side stand switch or the kill switch will allow the
ignition to turn to ON with no load. Closing either (they are in series),
causes the load and it does not go away if either switch is opened.

I removed the starter and solenoid, mechanically and electrically. No
change. I pulled the fuel pump fuse (#6), no change. I pulled the Motoronic
fuse (#5), and the condition goes away.

The question now is what in gods name would cause such load that is
controlled by the computer?!? From my read, nearly nothing. Is my computer
shot? Has anyone see on go bad like this? Or has a computer behaved like
this with a poor battery (even though it's new)?

  Are you sure the battery is good?  Some of the BMW GEL batteries had an
early end of life. :)
  The Motronic is the only component left that is powered via F5.
  When you pulled your starter, did you test it by spinning it with a battery
and jumper cables?