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Newbie Questions

On Sun, 12 Aug 2007
relick wrote:
Subject: R1100RS newbie questions

I recently purchased a 9/94 R1100RS with 180 thousand k's on it but in
excellent condition. A couple of questions for those of you with experience
in things Beemer!!

1/. The front end of the bike seems to be out of alignment, the front of the
tank is about 10mm to the left and looking down the centreline the ignition
key is in front of the abs lights. Looking down there is a similar
difference in the gap between forks and fairing. Everything else about the
fairing looks fine, no big gaps or anything nasty, it's just not in the
middle. Easy/hard to rectify or is it not a problem??

2/. The ABS never kicks in first up, after a few k's if I stop and shut down
then re start it, sometimes it kicks in!! Often not at all.

3/. The headlight is quite poor, certainly not what I expected, I have not
tried to adjust it so this could be due to the fairing alignment.

4/. Any info on aftermarket exhausts or performance enhancing tips would be

Thanks for your help, I love the bike but a little more power/acceleration
would be nice!!
Hey relick,

I've got a '94 also, but with only 69K miles on the clock. To answer a few of your questions; about the fairing, I can't say. Mine's pretty well aligned.

The ABS could be due to a low battery; when mine starts to go south, it does the same thing. Starting and starting up the ABS seems to take all the battery's got, so it might be time to think about getting another. Or, it's just the age of the bike.

Yes, the stock headlight sucks. I replaced my stock bulb with a 55W/100, with an Eastern Beaver ( http://easternbeaver.com/ ) relay kit, but that still wasn't enough. Finally added some PIAA lights.

I've got a Staintune on mine and like it, but i don't think it adds any more power, and barely shaves any weight off. There have been aftermarket chips available, but I think the bike is getting old enough that there probably isn't alot of hop-up stuff around. Must admit I haven't looked lately, either. You might try San Jose BMW http://www.sjbmw.com/ .

    Hopefully others will chime in with some more advice. Enjoy the ride.

Conrad Long
'94 R1100RSA
Fraser, CO, USA

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