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Re: low voltage and ABS

Thanks for the info. I just bought a Yuasa battery but I could not push it
up to pass 12.6 volts, so I installed it into my K75 which has no ABS. The
only reason I bought it was that I forgot that I bought a 12V 18AH sealed
lead-acid alarm system battery in the fall for $39.- This battery is
perfect, I am using it in the RS, great success!!!
Bob Silas
PS: by the way, the gel battery for $207 + tax was made by EXIDE too.

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At 07:02 PM 8/13/2007, Robert Silas wrote:

I do NOT recommend BMW's gel-battery, great disappointment for lots of
Their lead-acid batteries were good though, apparently discontinued.
Bob Silas

  BMW re-introduced a wet-cell battery.......
61 21 0 403 224 12V 19AH 170A  $84.50  I think it's made by Exide.

Hopefully will last longer than their old Mareg Wet-Cell battery.  Never
had one last more than a year.   They made me switch to the AGM batteries
and I'm glad I did.


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