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Re: Jumpstarting an R1100S

<<Given the battery is so well hidden, is there a suitable alternative point for attaching a +ve jump lead if one wanted to try jump starting an R1100S?>>

Piece o' cake. Just install the little extension apparatus from the later model R1150GS starter positive cable connection, that gives you a solid connector point on the starter cover.

The bracket, attaches to the starter cable, and the stud assembly bolts through the starter cover. You have to drill the hole or buy a pre-drilled cover.

If you want a mating negative cable conection, you can get an extra stud and washer, and bolt the stud and washer onto the cylinder head where the plastic valve cover protector attaches.

This works well on all oilheads that have the starter cover visible, i.e. all except the RT models.

You can not only use the connectors for jumper cables, but for charging with a conventional clamp-type battery charger.

I sell a little kit with all the parts for $29.95 (Kit number EPBK-1.) Available through my website or drop me an email offlist.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA
from AOL at AOL.com.