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Re: BT-021's

Oilhead Listers:
I've always liked the BT-020's on my 99RS in spite of a couple of shortcomings. There always seemed to be a wierd harmonic hum at certain speed/RPM combinations for about the 1st 1000 miles, which then went away. Had this happen with several sets. I've also experienced front tire cupping with the 020's but not severe. In late Feb of this year I replaced them with a set of 021's and set off on a 700 mile ride in the rain to Daytona Bike week. No harmonic with these tires as the tread pattern has been modified to eliminate this and with no circumferential groove on the front, there's no rain groove tracking. These tires were great in the rain. I tend to lean bikes over pretty good and my seat of the pants tells me these have better grip than the 020's. I've got a VFR and I've always run the 012's on it for max grip, but the 020's are good enought that they'll go on the VFR next time. The tires have about 5K miles on them now and theres no cupping on the front. All in all, the best set of tires I've had on the RS.

Charlie Hassell
Goodlettsville, TN
'99 R11RS Bridgestone BT-020's
'00 VFR 800 Bridgestone BT-012's
'93 Ducati 750SS (with '03 800SS FI engine - race bike) Pirelli Slicks

Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2007 13:27:40 -0400
From: Robert Silas <robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: ????

I am running on BT-020 and very pleased with them. Please let us know your
findings with the BT021s
Bob Silas