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Re: R11R at 71k mi


I also had to repair my right throttle body because of shaft /bushing wear. I understand that Bing will sell you the parts, or you might try beemerboneyard.com or cyclesrecycled.com to find a used TB. That's what I did. Be sure to inspect your air tube o-rings and your rubber manifolds for air leakage.

Montpelier, VT

Dean Wegner wrote:

I just started this repair on a R11RT with 75k mi.

The first link I found was

Anton says that typically the shafts on the right hand throttle body wear and
just the shafts can be purchased and replaced.

But I'm finding that on my bike its actually the bushing in my right hand
throttle body which is worn out and the shaft is basically OK.

I'm pretty sure that a dealer would want to sell you a complete throttle body
minus some small parts and minus the fuel injector.

So I'm looking into ways to fix the bushing.

If anyone knows a dealer for reconditioned throttle bodies or a repair shop
which has done throttle body repair, please speak up.

Dean Wegner
'96 R1100RT

--- Mark Rivera <marr@xxxxxxxx> wrote:


I hit 71k miles on the moto this week and am making a list of things I need to attend to.

I have a general question about the butterfly valves in the throttles..

Does the whole unit (throttle body / fuel injector) need to be replaced or do they just replace the butterfly's bearing/post thing?

Sorry for the non-technical terminology. :>


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