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RE: oilheads-digest V4 #112

>I took the spacer out of mine 60K ago to attempt to address a severe PTTR
>problem. It certainly helped. packing all the heavy stuff in the left I
>haven't experienced any problems that I know of, what am I missing?

There was a court case where someone's rear wheel fell off and he had
removed the spacer.  From what Paul Glaves says, that spacer is actually
a 'friction' device and it increases the clamping force on the rear
wheel to hub.


Hmmm, I certainly don't have your or Paul's experience. I faithfully torque
the the lug nuts, dry and clean. Judging from what it takes to break them
free, they aren't moving at all. I think I'll leave the spacer out until I get
some indication that it is a bad idea on MY bike. Others can make their own
decisions. My hand, shoulder and elbow issues mean that I couldn't ride any
distance with the spacer in. I was ready to take the plane home from Bend. If
I have to put the spacer in, I'll sell the bike.

Hey, when are you coming to Simi?