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RE: oilheads-digest V4 #112

At 08:06 AM 10/2/2007, you wrote:
From: Mick <bmwmick@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: aligning the wheels


No need to send me anything.  I gave you the spec out of the factory
manual.  I fully understand the concept.  The rear is 'slightly' adjustable.
Don't run without the spacer.  It's there for a reason and it's NOT



I took the spacer out of mine 60K ago to attempt to address a severe PTTR
problem. It certainly helped. packing all the heavy stuff in the left I
haven't experienced any problems that I know of, what am I missing?

There was a court case where someone's rear wheel fell off and he had
removed the spacer.  From what Paul Glaves says, that spacer is actually
a 'friction' device and it increases the clamping force on the rear wheel to hub.