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Re: Oil Filler

<<So I guess it's time to change to the fancy screw-down unit...... does anyone happen to know the name of it:) Or is it something I can pick up at the local

I wouls not be so hasty. The metal screw-down units damage the cover bore with scratches that prevent any future sealing attempts. Also, with time, the set screws can loosen so that the whole assembly just rotates when you ty to remove the cap.

Replace the two o-rings and the inner plastic ring. Use a piece of 1000 grit WerorDry sandpaper, soaked in water, to smooth the surface of the painted cover where the o-ring seats. Manu times there will be a ripple in the painted surface that prevents the o-ring from seating well. Smear a thin film of any god silicone sealant on the OD of the ring, and reinstall. I have fixed about fifty of these leakers without installing any poorly-designed accessories.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA
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