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Re: Oil Filler

I have done the same what Tom Cutter suggests about 120,000 km ago. No leaks ever since.
Bob Silas

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From: Tom Cutter <tpcutter@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thursday, October 18, 2007 8:29 am
Subject: Re: Oil Filler
To: rugby14uwh@xxxxxxxxx, oilheads@xxxxxxxxx

> <> unit...... 
> does anyone
> happen to know the name of it:) Or is it something I can pick 
> up at 
> the local
> dealer?>>
> I wouls not be so hasty. The metal screw-down units damage the 
> cover 
> bore with scratches that prevent any future sealing attempts. 
> Also, 
> with time, the set screws can loosen so that the whole assembly 
> just 
> rotates when you ty to remove the cap.
> Replace the two o-rings and the inner plastic ring. Use a piece 
> of 1000 
> grit WerorDry sandpaper, soaked in water, to smooth the surface 
> of the 
> painted cover where the o-ring seats. Manu times there will be a 
> ripple 
> in the painted surface that prevents the o-ring from seating 
> well. 
> Smear a thin film of any god silicone sealant on the OD of the 
> ring, 
> and reinstall. I have fixed about fifty of these leakers without 
> installing any poorly-designed accessories.
> Tom Cutter
> Yardley, PA
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