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Oil Filler


>So I guess it's time to change to the fancy screw-down unit...... does
anyone happen >to know the name of it:)  Or is it something I can pick up at
the local dealer?

Bob Hadden probably has it right.  Take it out and clean everything.  Look
for a damaged O-ring.   Replace that.  The dealer should have these O-rings.

SOME dealers carry the screw down plug assemblies.  They are not BMW parts.
I got mine from a vendor at a rally, but I think www.cyclegadgets.com has
them.  A&S BMW and San Jose BMW carry them too and do mail order.  I'm sure
there are many others.  

There are a variety of tops.coin slots, allen, "two hole special tool" and
some tamper proof thing.   I just got the allen slot because I knew I'd
loose the tool if it was unique.   Mine came with a little allen tool on a
key ring to get it off, but I usually just used a wrench.   There are also 3
colors..flat black, brushed aluminum and chrome.   Suit yourself.   

Interesting to me that the new bikes all have screw down oil filler plugs

I may have wasted my money, but I screwed around with the stock filler for
quite a while before I gave up.  I found that the stock bayonette plug would
leak if I did a lot of back road shreadding at higher RPMs with lots of
engine braking.  (Don't try this at home./Honest, officer, I wasn't
speeding.) This would happen no matter how clean and new the gaskets and
other parts were. The stock one worked fine for touring and general riding,
just not for irresponsible, maniacal canyon carving type riding, which I
would never ever do.   The screw down one makes a tighter seal on the filler
plug.  I think it's better when crankcase vacuum and/or pressures get
higher.   For me, Boxer Twin riding is all about the engine braking and
steering the bike around corners with the rear wheel.

The McGuiver in me used the handle side of a screwdriver inside the "ring"
part of the filler assembly to work the ring loose from the cover.  The
handle need not fit tight in there, maybe 1/4" of clearance inside.  I just
worked it sideways a little one way then another to break the "set" on the
O-ring.  Then use a bigger screwdriver or piece of brass that is bigger than
the I.D but smaller than the hole in the aluminum cover and just tap on it
progressively until it comes out.  (Use cheap screwdrivers if you tap on the
screwdriver side.  The good super hard ones will chip and break.  If you
only have high end Snap-Ons, get a piece of wood to put between the
screwdriver blade and the hammer.  

If you don't have a soft hammer, you should buy one.  I got one that has
sort of hard plastic on one side and a softer material on the other.  I use
both sides of this thing a lot more than my "real" hammers.   Hard hammers
can put too much shock and force on things. They're great for driving nails,
but not for most mechanical work. 

Have fun,