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Re: New handlebars, and dead fuel pump

Thanks. I just wanted to hear others had the same failure. Coming so close on the heels of the handlebar mod, I still had a sneaking suspicion that I had done something to cause the bike to quit. 

I've had the same thought about the strainer. Not an ideal design. A friend used to have a motorhome with a very long, cable type dipstick, sort of like the inner part of a clutch cable with a handle on one end, and a convential disptick on the other. The cable part frayed, and short bits of it kept breaking off and going through the oil pump. I guess questionable design is not limited to any one country's engineers. 

I'll put up a web page with some before and after pics, and parts sources for the handlebar mod, if anyone is interested. I'm consider myself a dirtbike rider first, and this feels much more natural to me than the stock bars. 

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Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 16:39:49 
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Subject: Re: New handlebars, and dead fuel pump

<<The strainer on the end of the pump has split open on one end. I 
found some bits
of the strainer wire in the pump inlet. At this point, I am assuming 
the pump
injested the strainer and locked up. >>

I have seen lots of those strainers fail, taking out the pump. IO don't 
quite understand the logic of using a strainer that CAUSES pump 
failure, but I am not a German Wunder-kid engineer.

Sounds like you found the problem. I have never successfully cleaned 
out a jammed pump, but I don't try very hard, because most that I see 
are pretty whupped anyways.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA

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