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Re: too impatient to buy catcode plug

Not quite what I was looking for...

I'm hearing that no catcode plug is not good for the
cat.  I have a stock exhaust and want to keep it on
and functioning, cat included.

Back to my original question.  Are you aware of a Web
link that will allow me to replicate the wiring of a
catcode plug through directly jumpering the socket? 
Whether or not I need to throw the plug that I don't
have away is irrelevant.  I'm looking for the link. 

--- HDBESQ@xxxxxxx wrote:

> In a message dated 12/2/2007 2:29:16 PM Eastern
> Standard Time, 
> rg500g@xxxxxxxxx writes:
> > Is there a link
> > somewhere to the jumper spec, i.e. what socket is
> > jumpered to what socket for an R1100RT catcode? 
> Yep.  The secret is to pull it out and throw it in
> the trash.  Then ride, 
> ride like the wind.
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