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Re: too impatient to buy catcode plug

HDBESQ@xxxxxxx writes:
 > > Is there a link
 > > somewhere to the jumper spec, i.e. what socket is
 > > jumpered to what socket for an R1100RT catcode? 
 > Yep.  The secret is to pull it out and throw it in the trash.  Then ride, 
 > ride like the wind.

Jim, I guess you didn't read the original question.  Scott wants
better gas mileage, even if it adds some surging.  Your advice does
the opposite.  Maybe you can send him the ccp that you're not using
any more :-)

Scott, I don't recall ever seeing a breakdown of which jumpers
equated to which CCP.   FWIW my single plug R1150RT got about
42-44 MPG stock.  Don't remember which color CCP it used.

// marc