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Re: Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all,

I too still have my pearl '94 RS and didn't do as much riding as I'd have liked in 2010.

On a long trip I try and fit everything in the (full-sized) panniers and topcase. That way everything is locked up. I do also use a tankbag, but I can easily take that with. There's some empty space in the cases, but it can come in handy on wet rainy days when everything seems to take up more room.

I could probably save some room by getting a GPS and foregoing all of the AAA books and maps. I also carry quite a few tools, spare gas and oil filters, and an extra qt of synthetic engine oil.

I did add the beemer case scuff guards. There are two pieces for each case. The bottom guard great to protect the case from scratches when setting them on the ground. If I were doing it again I'd leave off the upper front guard.

Baby needs new shoes soon and I was thinking of replacing the BT-20's with BT-21's. However, I see Bridgestone has released a new model, the BT-23. Has anyone had any experience with them?

Happy ridin' in 2011.


On Jan 1, 2011, at 1:59 PM, Robert Silas wrote:

> Hi Marco,
> Thanks for the good wishes. Wishing you and all, the best of biking in 2011.
> Last couple of years I did very little biking.
> I still have my '94 RS and I am thinking to change the lids on the systemcases for city-lids, for a narrower, slicker and lighter appearance.
> I'll give up carrying much of those things I have not used on a long trip.
> Does anybody have an opinion on this???
> Thanks
> Bob Silas
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> Subject: Happy New Year
> Happy New Year!
> Surprise, surprise!  The list still exists although it is mostly
> dead, replaced by the popularity of various web forum and other
> forms of social networking.
> Here's hoping 2011 is good to both you and your bike(s).
> /\/\arc